Learning the real stories and adventures of successful entrepeneurs

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From the very start the book is very engaging and draws us into the real-life stories of entrepreneurs and the twists and turns, and growth mindsets they used to help them navigate and succeed. We are also learning about the author's own story. Reading this excerpt made me want to invest some time in listening to the podcast as well. The writer also challenged me to reconsider the way in which I think about businesses and the people who run them. Before reading this excerpt, I don’t think I had truly considered my own biases. I don’t think I had considered the many different ways and reasons entrepreneurs come to develop their businesses. I also appreciate the way in which the stories humanize the entrepreneurs, making it easier for future entrepreneurs to see themselves in them. You can feel like an imposter, having plenty of fear, and have faced many setbacks and still become successful. Even as someone who currently has no desire to become and entrepreneur, I am very excited about reading this entire book in the future. I also think it possible to apply a lot of the lessons learned to many other life ventures.
I didn’t initially think much about the cover, but looking at it now, I can see both an advertisement related connection as well as a directional map connection, which makes me think of the adventures included in the book and the different paths to success.