Slow until the ending but great cliffhanger!

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I was really excited to read this book because from the first few chapters I was intrigued by the New Orleans setting and the plot of a hidden Granddaughter with forbidden powers. The setting changes and primarily revolves around the gigantic mansion House of Marionne and a bar right outside of the boundary. I like the mansion is also a school and dormitory aspect because new places were revealed over time. I was very lost for a long time on all the different types of magic and what they produce and what they look like. To be honest it wasn’t much clearer by the end of the book. I just feel like there wasn’t any instruction on all the types of magic you can pursue. I also wasn’t really feeling the connection between Quell and Jordan or Quell and Abby until the last chapter or so of the book. Up until then it was like generic book crush/best friend filler. Quell was so obsessed with herself it was hard to see any other relationship. I do feel like the conclusion really brought all of the characters into their proper roles and was very exciting. It was a cliffhanger but it was really good!! I’m sad that we were finally getting someplace and it just ends! The epilogue, although was mostly Jordan openly weeping, had the biggest revelation and it makes me very excited for the next book! Overall I liked this start and can’t wait to read more. I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.