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Consequently, I have loved J Elle ever since Wings of Ebony! I've already placed my order in advance and I CANNOT WAIT AT ALL TO SEE J. ELLE ON TOUR! Her writing style never fails to wow me and sends me into a tailspin! I recently binge-watched Bridgerton Queen Charlotte, and I intend to do so again soon! It was nothing less than AMAZING to have such vivid descriptions and adoration for the universe that J Elle has once again created. I have a strong although somewhat naive initial impression of Quell. The reason Quell's mother took her away has a deeper significance, and the life she may have had is vividly flashing before my eyes. Always feels like a Every time I read something of hers, a movie and imagery come to life in my head! Although not a lot has been revealed regarding the magic system, I am very eager to learn more. This book was overall amazing. 5/5