Very interesting book!

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A very intriguing book! I only read the prologue but I still found myself almost getting lost into the story. Iris’s character reminds me of myself but then vivi and grey also remind me of myself. I love the power they hold!! They remind me of mermaids I don’t know why, maybe ours because of how they hypnotize everyone around them? I’m dying to find out the explanation for this source of strength/power they have. I love the use of imagery in this book I can just feel the words. And I can relate with iris so much a shy kids who stays in the background as much as possible. I love her vibe I love Grey’s confidence and I love vivi’s bravery. I’m hoping this won’t be a sad story lol. I really was shocked in the beginning when the woman broke in and started cutting off pieces of iris’s hair and started eating it lol I almost passed out. They definitely have fans on them lol.