Pretty Cover

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Quite good for what it is. Bought because of the beautiful cover, and only because of that, as the blurb was uninteresting. The detailed brushstrokes below the eyes are especially stunning, though they look a little too digital.
Enjoyed the story; stereotypical characters, but solid pacing. Expected a little more body horror because of the cover, but not a huge complaint. Along that line, would have preferred it to be a bit more graphic and darker in general, especially in the last third.
The way the mystery unravelled was good, but the conclusion felt quite timid. Very "all was good, everything was solved".
The epilogue sets up for another book, though I hope that won't happen as I can only see it going down a very boring, typical dark fairy tale path. It would be interesting to get a prequel from the eldest sister's perspective, or perhaps just an extra chapter.