Perfectly Dark

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"Some people go missing because they want to; some go missing because they're taken. And then there are others--those who go missing because they fell through a gap somewhere and can't claw their way back."

Darkness has been drawn to the Hollow sisters, Grey, Vivi, and Iris, ever since they disappeared in the middle of a Scotland road right in front of their parents, never to be seen again. That is until 30 days later when they reappeared in that exact same street, exact same spot, naked and divest of all possessions they had when they went missing except for a knife in Grey's hand along with blood and dirt all over their bodies. The girls have no memory at all of what happened to them and the police haven't got a clue either. All their parents care about is the fact that they have their girls back. It doesn't matter to them what happened, where they were, who took them or even that their eyes are a different color than when they left, their teeth are slightly different and their hair has started to change color. None of that matters...or does it?

House of Hollow had me captivated from page one and I flew through it. This novel tangles the genres of supernatural, horror and mystery all into one terrifyingly compelling story. Sutherland is powerfully descriptive throughout making this the five star novel that it is. This is definitely one of those books that have me in awe at how great the imagination can be and how grateful I am there are authors out their like Sutherland who are able to put their imagination into words and bless people like me with a whole new world in the hands of the treasure that is books.

The ending was not 100% surprising but the details surrounding it and the journey to get there still made it 1000% interesting especially coupled with the greatness of the book as a whole. I also feel like the author did a solid job wrapping up some of the most burning questions I had throughout the book. I definitely recommend to any supernatural fiction fans out there! Fair warning, this is might be a bit gory for some buuut totally worth it!

Thank you Bookishfirst and PenguinTeen for the opportunity to read and honestly review this ARC.