Not a bad take on a trope

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Honestly I went into this book a little concerned. This is a trope I'm very familiar with and with all books based around familiar tropes, there is a high likelihood that the author is going to fall into the well worn paths of the stories that predate it.

However, I'm happy to say that this read surprised me. The characters were well developed and the overall pacing of the plot was well done. I will say that this might not be the best for younger readers (11 or so) and even though the book is marketed for an older teen demographic, I would still suggest sticking to that guideline.

Overall I would say this is a fun read for people who are interested in seeing a well designed female lead in a suspenseful tale. The book's length made it a perfect rainy day read and I've lent the book out to numerous friends who have also enjoyed the world-building and overall pacing of the story.