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4.25/5: This book was FUN. It had creepy moments, an interesting premise, and really cool ideas that were well thought out. House of Hollow is a genre straddling YA fantasy horror ride of a book that I am sure will appeal to fans of any of those genres. With a stunning cover, and a story to match this book was a really fun, fast paced read that I easily recommend.

The book is told from the perspective of Iris Hollow, an almost average 17 year old girl, focused on school and her plans for the future. However, when she was a child, she and her two sisters- Grey and Vivi- vanished without a trace, that is until a month later when all three sisters reappeared in exactly the same spot as where they went missing. Now, 10 years later Grey has gone missing again and Iris and Vivi must uncover the mysteries as to where Grey has gone, and confront the nightmares that lay before them.

This book did a great job with the main characters, the overall plot and the pacing. I enjoyed my time with the Hollow sisters and following them on their journey. The horror, while by no means over the top, was well done and created a fantastic atmosphere that suited the book perfectly. I think this book could have focused on developing the side characters more, some of the lesser seen characters felt a bit too convenient and didn't serve a real role in the overall story. There were some other tropes that were thrown in, rather randomly, at times that I think the book would have been better without adding as well- but nothing to dampen my enjoyment of the overall story. Lastly, it was not difficult to figure out the mystery in this book and I was able to figure it out within the first quarter of the book, that being said, it was still a really fun read to see how all of the points came together!

In the end- definitely a fun story and would definitely recommend!