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It was okay

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I was intrigued by the cover of this book from the moment I saw it. It is similar to a couple others I have seen but it is still so striking! I am not one for horror but since it is mixed with fantasy I was ready to give it a try.

There was a lot of mystery that surrounded these sisters but at times it wasn’t enough to keep me reading as the same information would keep being repeated and it took awhile for anything new to come up about it. There was talk about their disappearance but nothing to go off of because they couldn’t remember anything. It isn’t until close to the end that everything is revealed but the pay off just didn’t seem worth it.

I also think that the change in timelines was quite odd as it would be Iris narrating but then information about her father or him voicing his opinions about the girls would pop up and it just felt awkward. I would have liked split chapters for this.

The three sisters, Grey, Vivi, and Iris, were very different from one another. There is also a lot of talk about sexual assault/rape culture and how they deal with it differently but also try to protect one another, especially Grey to Iris. I can’t say that the bonds between the girls were very strong. They may interact with one another but it just didn’t feel like a true sibling bond to me.

There are definitely horror aspects to this book. I wouldn’t say I was scared just more weirded/grossed out by it than anything. It also does have some mystery and plot twists but they just didn’t shock or wow me in the slightest.

I will say that the ending was pretty disappointing and I didn’t care for it. I didn’t agree with how certain characters chose to deal with the situation. They just let everything slide. It also had an open-ended epilogue and I’m just not one for open-ended.

Overall, it was okay but I don’t think I am the right reader for it.