I truly enjoyed it

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I really liked the description of the sisters beauty. I loved how their problems were everyday problems and not cheesy. I loved how the prologue introduced the story without telling the reader a lot about what is going to happen. The prologue definitely leaves you wondering what is going to happen next. I would have liked to see a better description of where they were and the kind of town they are living in. I do love how she mentioned the house was “once grand” but now “sagged and sunken”.
I’m not a fan of when characters don’t call their parents mom or dad. Sometimes that confuses me- but in this case it makes more sense. I love how Cate is overprotective of Iris. She is even scared to let her see her sisters who were also involved in the kidnapping incident.
I love Gabe’s description the most- him talking to herds and his rough hands.
I think the author should elaborate on who each character is before mentioning them.
I really love the story line and all the twists and turns. I can not wait to read more.