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//~She was fourteen then, and already the most beautiful creature I could imagine. I wanted to peel the skin from her body and wear it draped over mine.///

Name: House of Hollow
Author: Krystal Sutherland
Genre: Paranormal, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Family
Rating: 3.7/5
(Trigger: Self-harm, sexual assault, death, murder)

House of Hollow is a bizarre, surprising, and dark modern fairytale which surrounds the three Hollow sisters, their mysterious disappearance years ago, and a terrible secret that haunts them.
Seventeen-year-old Iris Hollow has been trying her best to fit in her school, but her eerie past and the strange rumors make her stand out even more. But everything changes when her older sister, Grey is found missing. Iris must do anything and everything to find her sister, even if it means to seek out her dark past and to find out that everything she has ever known was a lie, and the truth may be darker and more horrifying than she could ever imagine.
The first thing that I really liked about this book was the beautiful cover of this book. I loved the writing style of this book, the writing is intricate, lyrical, and intriguing. The author has done an amazing job in portraying the characters, their relationships, and their emotions with such eloquence. I appreciate how the author tried to make the characters diverse, especially the sexual diversity of the Hollow sisters. The plot was enjoyable, gripping, surprising, and a little creepy. I enjoyed how the plot took place, especially the plot twists in the end.
The characters are well developed, and each character was unique with their own backstory. Though I was not really fond of the protagonist, I liked Vivi more and wished to have more part with Vivi. The protagonist's relationship with her sisters and her mother has been vividly narrated. It's hard to categorize this book into a particular genre, it is a mix-up of various genres and themes.
Overall, this is an enticing and perplexing story that will be enjoyed by readers of YA, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery.