Grimm Tale for the New Age

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Iris Hollow has a secret festering just beyond her reach. When she and her two sisters disappeared as children they were returned without memories of the time they lost or before they went missing- so she thought. On the surface they were seemingly the same little girls, but they were in other ways changed, unnatural, and unsettling. Something predatory now lingered within their skin. While Iris has always been content to hide away in the false pretenses of normalcy her sisters used their eerie allure to bolster their notoriety. Ten years later, when something threatens to return them to that long-forgotten place they disappeared to, Iris must quickly learn she can no longer depend on her sisters for strength and protection.
This was truly one of my favorite reads of the year. It is a modern-day Grimm fairy tale that combined the fears inflicted by a horror story with the fantastic creatures of ancient mythology. This story had a way of infecting you with a chilling curiosity and unnerving your allegiance to the Hollow sisters.