Good and Creepy

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This book was so good and way creepier than I had expected! I did particularly like any of the main characters, but I didn't hate them either. I just didn't relate to them to well. They do have very different personalities that you can see throughout the book, I just couldn't connect to them personally. The plot itself was great and super interesting/different. I didn't want to put the book down because I was just so curious what would happen next. The writing flowed well and the pace was fast, but in a good way. It was mysterious and chilling and even though I guessed a few parts it was still an enjoyable read. The epilogue was a little meh, and a bit of a let down, but it the same time was ok. Basically I could've done without the epilogue, but it wasn't terrible. Overall an awesome book and if you are looking for weird/strange and creepy then you should definitely pick it up! This is one that I feel I will be thinking about for a while.