Fantastic, Creepy Thriller

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I will readily admit that I was initially drawn to this book just because of the cover...the cover art is beautiful and as haunting as the story itself. Reading the synopses just sealed the deal for me. The author's style of writing was fantastic for this type of dark, mysterious, CREEPY story. Even after reading the synopsis, I really did not know what to expect, but I enjoyed ever single page of the book. The characters in the book are all completely developed, individual people and I loved getting a peek into their supernatural world. The story was scary, but not in an outright, gory, over the top was understated. It's an amazing cross between a folk/horror story and a Grimm fairy tale and it's PERFECTLY done. As a fan of horror, fantasy, AND young adult novels, this checked a lot of boxes for me and I wasn't disappointed in the result.