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This book was everything i could have asked for.
In House of Hollow we follow three sisters, one of which has misteriouslt dissapeared, and two who go looking for her.
It's not the first time they dissapear, though. when they were little, the sisters went missing for a whole mont and came back inexplicably, unexpectedly and unhurt, excepto for a small crescent scar on the throat, but forever changed. They don't remember what happened.
Now, when one of them vanished off the face of the earth again, the two that remain must face their past and try to uncover what went down in order to try and save their sister (but, does she need saving? and from what?).
The characters are completely multi dimentional, complex, layered. The relationships they form feel extremely real, vulnerable and raw and the writing was just stunning, nothing short of a fairytale.