Dark, immersive, enchanting, creepy ... utterly wonderful!

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"It’s both grotesque and aesthetically pleasing; ethereal while disturbingly strange."

The cover is absolutely stunning. This modern fairytale will haunt you, wrap you up, and then rip out your heart.

This is the book that pushed me deeper into my love for magical realism. Something lurks in the shadows and a darkness follows the Hollow sisters. When one of them goes missing you can't help but wonder - is their past finally catching up with them?

House of Hollow is straight up unsettling. The world is so immersive that you feel as if you can smell the rotten flowers - see the scary monsters lurking around the corner.

"There, in the distance, was the man in the bull skull, watching me."

I can honestly say, this is one of the BEST horror stories that I have ever read. Strongly recommend to those who enjoy dark stories, horror, Grimm-fairytales ... just go read this.