Dark Alice in wonderland vibes.

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I thought this book was so fun! Totally gives me dark Alice in wonderland vibes! I loved getting a look at how the sisters acted after they were kidnapped vs before. The mystery to find out where they had been was a dark and spooky ride but I’m here for it!

My absolute favorite parts were when they ended up in the other world! Such an interesting experience to be there and see what they must have seen when they arrived! I also enjoyed Tyler as a character. I liked his backstory and learning about his past and the ways it connected him to the sisters. Whenever they ended up traveling with his sister, my heart broke for him. So sweet and so sad!

The big reveal at the end was so shocking to me! I think it was a great twist! I can normally think of ways the story could go but I did not predict this!

Overall, a solid creepy fantasy book that gave me all the spooky vibes needed!!