Creepy and Interesting

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Three girls disappeared and came back, but they were different upon their return and when they're older, one of them goes missing again.

This book was a fun, spooky ride. The sisters were super intriguing and mysterious, beautiful in an eery way. As you read you get to learn more about them and their disappearance right alongside them.

When you finally come to the point of why they're so different from before they went missing, it's quite a surprising moment. I'd guessed partially why they're the way they are, so the book was a tidbit predictable but also unpredictable in its own way.

I was saddened at the ending, a certain character totally deserved better than what they got, but I won't go into too much detail about that.

Despite the sadness behind their truths, they still remained strong in the face of it. The mom is so strong honestly, she deserves some kudos.

Anyways if you want a crazy, spooky, dangerous read with unique siblings and creepy, beautiful imagery, this book might be a good fit for you! Also, that cover is absolutely gorgeous!