Cover obsessed

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Okay first thing is I’m absolutely in love with this cover. Probably one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen in my life.

This story is told like a dark fairytale. A mystery about 3 sisters who disappeared for a month and came back different. I liked all the little clues left throughout about what was really happening. I’d been wanting to read this one for so long because I love YA horror and the folklore vibes this book gave off. Also I just love looking at it.

I really didn’t like Tyler’s character. He was important to the story but he was so annoying throughout I didn’t see why anyone was keeping him around. His tragic backstory with his sister and his love for Grey made him interesting but it didn’t help the other times he was unbearable.

The ending was great and I loved how everything came together. I see a potential for another story and I’m interested if that ever happens!