Absolutely amazing dark and twisted fairytale!

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An absolutely stunning cover that matches the breathtaking story that unfolds within the books pages. I am honestly at a loss for words, about how much I love this entire book. It was not at all what I was expecting, but was everything I wanted and more. House of Hollow is truly a dark and horrifying fairytale that by the end was a masterpiece. I hope this book gets all the praise because it deserves it and so does the author for writing such a terrifying, gut wrenching book.

Years ago, three sisters disappeared one night when walking home with their parents on New Years Eve. They disappeared without a trace and a month later showed back up in the exact same spot they disappeared only they are naked and have a scar at the base of each of their throats. They can’t remember what happened or where they went, but they don’t have the same blue eyes and dark brown hair as before, they have black eyes and white hair. In present time the sisters have all gone and done their own thing. Grey is a supermodel and does whatever she wants as she has fans that adore her. Vivi is in a punk rock band and loves to drink and do drugs. Iris, the youngest of the sisters, decided to try to live a normal life and go to school and be home with her mother. These three sisters are not normal, they can do things and people either love and adore them or they think they’re evil. Grey goes missing and the only people who will know how to find her are Vivi and Iris. They embark on a scary and horrifying journey to find their sister and get the truth about what happened years ago when they went disappeared.

“Folie à deux, Little Hollow. Or in this case, folie à trois.” Tyler tapped my temple. “Sometimes madness is catching."

Okay, this book got so much darker than I thought it would, but I loved every minute of it. I honestly could not put this book down; I became obsessed with the Hollow sisters and didn’t want to leave this strange and chilling world that Sutherland created. Not only was this super dark, it also focused on sisterhood and what you would do to survive and protect the people you care about. I feel like this story fits into like a dozen genres like fantasy, thriller, magical realism, horror, and mystery. Somehow the author weaves them together perfectly and created a sheer masterpiece. I adored the sisters and how utterly different they are from each other. This book starts off with a bang and you get sucked right in to the lyrical writing and the mysterious story full of twists.

If this book isn’t on your radar, it should be now!