Wow, what a start

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Ok this book has completely over took me. I love when an author is able to suck you in right from the get go. I swear I was so involved in reading the first look, I missed a whole conversation with my husband. Grey, Vivi and Iris are sisters. Iris is the youngest still at home with Cate, their mom. Grey and Vivi though are different. Iris knows this.
I think Iris is different too, like they are, but she doesn't want to be. I got the feeling that as much as she loves her sisters, she still was happy they left and took the "strangeness" with them.
She claims they were all normal looking once, with black hair and blue eyes, but now they all have white hair, with black eyes.
The first look has left me wanting more. What happened to Iris and her sisters? What happened to her father Gabe? I love the air of mystery in this book and I just know its going to be an awesome ride!