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“No one is looking for you. No one is looking for me.” Bel went on, “No one keeps portraits of us hanging in dining rooms or hopes that we might drop in for afternoon tea or tears up when they think about us. No one ever thinks about us. Outside of the hotel, we’re not even a memory. We don’t exist.”

Hotel Magnifique is unparalleled. If it must be compared, it’s the shady, luxuriant, enthralling long lost spellbinding cousin version of Caraval. In a world where magic is forbidden, a hotel travels to a different destination each morning. Reserves for the wealthy and the few selected elite; the only way to secure a stay is to be invited or work as the staff. Working in a magic hotel sounds like a dream come true. Sisters Jani and Zosa thought so, longing for a better life and ready to embark on a journey they apply. When only one sister gets offered a job, the other must do whatever it takes to get inside the hotel. Not long after embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, discovering that the hotel contacts are unbreakable, Jani must do whatever it takes to set the hotel free and bring her sister home. I adore the sisterly love in this one and the enchanting feeling this left me with. It reminds me of Howls moving castle vibes—a must-read for all YA fantasy lovers.