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“May your artéfact guide you toward your soul's desire.”

There were parts I liked. And there were parts I didn't like. Hotel Magnifique brings readers into a world where the only place magic is safe is in a hotel that moves every day at midnight around the world. Despite knowing of all the magic in the hotel, we really only get glimpses of the actual magic used throughout the hotel to awe guests. I really wished we got more than those small glimpses because it would have made the world so much richer. Also, the hotel travels to all these supposedly "amazing" places and yet no more than a few pages are spent in any of them although they could have been so much more. I really wish the world building had been expanded on.

There were parts that were predictable, but there were some surprises that I didn't see coming. Some aspects of this were well done, but so much of what happened I really wanted elaboration on. I could definitely see a sequel coming at some point and if it does happen I hope we get that elaboration I was missing. I thought the magic system was well done and interesting but wasn't anything super special for me.

“You're not nothing to me," he said, almost to himself. "That's precisely the problem.”

The relationship between our main characters felt almost insta-love to me. We go from them looking at each other with disdain to skipping 5 weeks ahead and them suddenly having feelings for each other. I had a hard time backing their relationship because I didn't really get to see it progress and form. It just kind of appeared.

I would definitely recommended this for fans of Caraval. Although I did like this, it just was missing something that would have made it more enjoyable for me. I probably wouldn't re-read this, but I would read a sequel if/when it comes out.