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Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor was an intriguing fiction book. From the gorgeous cover to the interesting blurb, everything about the book appealed to me.

I loved the vivid descriptions of people and settings. The plot is unlike any I've ever read before. I enjoyed the idea of a hotel that could move to different places, although, as the story unfolded a dark side to everything became increasingly evident; that made the book more of a page turner.

The main character, Jani, was one I came to like almost immediately. Her concern for her sister, and desire to help her along with her curiosity got her in some tough places, and at times I was very concerned for her. If you have ever silently pleaded with a book character not to do something, you understand how I felt. For those who love romance, You will find that in this book also.

Overall, I thought this a four-star book.