Magical and immersive with a side of darkness!

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Finally, a YA fantasy that is enchanting, magical, immersive - and has a DARK side. This story has everything you could want from a truly magical setting, the power of sisterhood, romance, and ALL the twists and turns.

We follow Jani as she tried to uncover exactly what is going on at Hotel Magnifique because clearly something dark and sinister lurks in the corners. Her love for her sister felt so real and made her character relatable, while the storyline also left us with all the feels for the side characters and their stories.

Essentially this is a book of love, the bond between two sisters and the courage it takes to face anything or anyone, whether real or magical, who tries to come between them.

The revelations did hit a little quick at the end and I felt that it could have been drawn out to make it feel more real, more smooth, but overall, this book was fun!