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This book was so magical. A hotel that magically appears for one day? How cool is that? From the cover to the premise of the story, every bit drew you in a created such a unique and magical experience. I love the relationship between Jani and Zosa and the lengths they would go for one another. They are poor, but so want to see this hotel, so they gets jobs to work there. The description of the hotel was amazing. I love how it starts out beautiful and captivating, but, as the story progresses, the layers are slowly pulled back, bit by bit, to reveal something more dark and sinister. Soon, Jani realizes they are trapped and she begins working to solve the mystery of the hotel and find a way home for her and her sister, as well as all the other employees trapped in the hotel. I absolutely adored this book, and cannot wait to read more by this author. I highly recommend this.