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Overall this book was fine. The plot was decent and interesting but the characters were a little bit boring / stereotypical. And the writing was very odd….

First let me start with the writing and why I say it was odd. It felt like it was written for a YA audience. The writing itself felt young - it felt like I was reading a young Ya novel. That is awesome in its own way. What was odd then were the inklings of sexual innuendos and inappropriate comments. “That’s not the only reason they call him the Magnifique.” … let’s just say I was extremely turned off by this very YA-toned book had these remarks in it. There was also a lot of violence in it which should have pushed it up in my mind but to be honest, didn’t? Like I said, the writing itself felt younger.

The characters… we get this very immature protagonist who is so NOSY and invasive. It was very hard to like her. She doesn’t think before her actions and when told NOT to do something, she does it anyway. If things were different, she’d be dead. And I really didn’t like that either. 💀 You’ll understand when you read it.

Bel was fine…. But he wasn’t any different than any other male protagonist in any other fantasy book? 🤷‍♀️ Their love was very weird. Like I didn’t get why they liked each other? We didn’t see many witty interactions or conversations. They just suddenly really liked each other.

It seemed like this book was more plot-based so it makes sense the characters lacked a little. The plot was decent though the end felt underwhelming… no real big twists? Maybe one but it was decently early for a big reveal.

Overall, like I said, the book was fine… But I’d rather reread Caraval or OUABH than read this one.