I liked it a lot!

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Hotel Magnifique not only has a beautiful cover, but a great story!
When I read the first impression, I was hooked and could not wait to read this one! It did not disappoint.
I enjoyed the voice of the main character, Jani, and love the premise of the hotel. Occasionally I got a little confused on hotel rules but that's probably the point because the characters do not always have a full grip on what's happening with the hotel either.
I loved the creative way Jani entered the hotel and her determination to help her sister. Sometimes to a fault.
The way the ending was written could leave this book as a standalone or it could lead into more. I would enjoy reading another installment about the grand Hotel Magnifique and it's cat of characters.
This is a debut novel by the author and I'm excited to read more by her.
I definitely recommend for readers of young adult fantasy!