Amazing and fantastical!!

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An incredibly wild and fantastical ride! This gave me Night Circus vibes and I am here for it. The world building is huge even though a majority of the book takes place inside the hotel. The hotel changes location every night at midnight and the rooms and hallways change on a whim. Everything about the Hotel Magnifique is magic. It is widely known that the hotel is a safe place for those with magic, but for Jani and Zosa it could be safety from the struggles of life.
Jani, as the older sister, feels responsible for the safety and happiness of her younger sister Zosa. She scores Zosa an audition for the hotel and she is chosen as a singing performer. Even though Jani does not get a job at first, she stubbornly charms her way in under the watchful eye of the mysterious Bel. Over time Jani starts to notice strange happenings in the hotel. She wants answers so she can protect her sister the best she can. Jani could not have guessed the depth of lies and deceit in Hotel Magnifique. Who is a friend and who is a foe? Can she survive and save those she cares about most?
I love Jani and how protective and loyal she is to those she cares about. She cares so much for her sister and is willing to do anything for her. Bel and Jani’s relationship is difficult at first, but over time they build a fragile sort of friendship. Overall the characters in this book have such depth and mystery and you never know who is good or bad!
Excellent storyline and characters. The magic and mystery is thrilling and exciting. The characters are amazing and full of emotion and depth. How far are you willing to go to save what or who is most important to you? A must read! I highly recommend! I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.