Perfect for Nostalgia Fans of the 90s/00s

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CW: sexual content, child abuse, abortion, drug and alcohol use, alcoholism

It's the late 90s, the time of pop princesses and boy bands. Amber Young wants to sing. She goes to many failing auditions as a child, and looks for more. Her demo has finally landed her a spot in a girl group called Cloud9. This is only the start of her game as she launches her solo career. It rewrites the story of women in pop during that time and gives them a fresh new voice.

I devoured this book. It hit all the nostalgia of my own childhood because I grew up with these musical acts. Amber is a lot smarter than what the tabloids say she is. The only thing I wanted them to explore more is maybe a rivalry with other artists. I was a big fan of the Wikipedia articles and lyrics sprinkled throughout the book. It will definitely be well loved by millennials and people who love the late 90s and early 2000s.