Did not put it down

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I really enjoyed this book! I was first drawn to the aesthetic of the cover and the 90's/Y2K backdrop the story had. I found myself unable to put the book down and finished it in two days! I'm not really a romance novel reader but I think that this dealt with so many other things and the "romance" was interspersed throughout the novel that I didn't mind. I enjoyed the main character, Amber, as she was not the perfect hero I was rooting for. My favorite part was all of the songs/interviews/articles/etc. throughout the novel because it made all of the characters and events feel more real. It added a little extra to the reading experience. I also enjoyed that the book was divided like a song would be. There was an introduction, pre-chorus, chorus, outro. I really enjoyed this division of chapters and the story itself. I was always relieved to find out that Amber gets a somewhat happy ending after all of the crap she goes through in the book. Overall, I was thoroughly entertained by this book!