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I'm usually not very big on nonfiction, so I was a little worried that this book would be hard to get into. However, from the opening sentence, you're drawn into the world of this clueless child. Mikel struggles to grasp the importance of what he's going through until he's much older. The way that everything is written helps show just how interconnected his and Tony's childhood is with the problems they face as adults.

As someone who comes from a dysfunctional family, I had a lot of the same understanding of what was happening as Mikel did as a child. I understood the struggle of not being sure, mentally, where to go from here. The only reason he is finally able to overcome his past is through years of therapy. Often times, this sort of change is shown as instantaneous by the media. In reality, it takes years upon years of pain to get to that point.

This book is absolutely amazing. It has definitely made its way into my shelf and into my heart.