Poignant Memoir

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Hollywood Park is a poignant memoir that catches your attention from the get-go. Mikel Jollett takes readers on a journey of everything he went through from childhood to adulthood. I admit this is my first time hearing about Mikel and I can't help but feel moved by his writing and story and is why it is one of my favorite reads of 2020.

The story begins during his childhood where we find out that his parents were part of an infamous cult in California. It's fascinating to read about what he was feeling at such a young age. He details how one night he, his mother, and brother escape the cult. That is where a whole other journey begins.

As he writes about his life as a young adult, we see how much he went through and how much he had to endure. I appreciate the honesty Mikel writes with because it allowed me to feel all of the emotions.

Mikel details the abuse he went through, brought up addiction and its realities, and showed how amidst all the pain he was able to find his out of the dark and into happiness.

I give Hollywood Park 5 stars. It is a heartfelt memoir that is honest, raw, and unputdownable. It's got the good, the bad, and the ugly and you can't help but feel affected. I appreciate the redemption aspect of the story. That ending made me teary-eyed and left me feeling content. The beauty of this story is that it reminds readers that your past does not dictate your future. It gave me hope and I feel like it will do the same for so many!