Overcoming and Succeeding After An Unorthodox Upbringing

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I listened to the audio version of Hollywood Park read by author Mikel Jollet. Over the last few months, I have been wanting to read this book. When I saw it on audio and discovered that Mikel Jollet was narrating it, I figured what better way to hear a memoir than by the person who had wrote it. It was spectacular yet hard to absorb that a child could have had such a brutal, unloving childhood. Mikel Jollet's writing was brilliant. It must have been so difficult to not only come to terms with his unorthodox upbringing but to put it into words. The sad part was that he did not even realize that his upbringing was so different from others until much later in life. His story was moving, heartfelt, raw, emotional and so powerful. This is a book that all should read. I highly recommend it.