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Hollywood Park is a memoir written by Mikel Jollett. Mikel was born into the Synanon cult, one of the most infamous and dangerous cults at the time. Mikel and all of the other children were separated from their families at 6 months old to attend “school.” Parents would occasionally visit but the kids always wondered where their parents went. “I’ve been told this woman’s name is “Mom.” That’s what I’m told to call her. I know the word is supposed to have some kind of special meaning. She comes to visit me. She’s sadder than the others.” Mikel’s mother escaped with him and his brother when he was five years old. His mother was emotionally abusive, she neglected Mikel and his brother. Mikel moved in with his father but things did not get any better. His experiences were engrossed with living in poverty, violence, abuse, drugs and delinquency. I'm trying not to give away any spoilers with this review. I want to describe every troubling event that occurred. All I can say is this is a 2020 must read! Put it on your TBR list now.
Against all odds, Mikel overcame his childhood troubles and trauma to attend Stanford University. Reading this book was emotional. I could feel the pain in Mikel’s words. He is a gifted writer. Mikel was able to tell the story from his childhood perspective. Which I find amazingly compelling. Mikel is currently the front man for the band Airborne Toxic Event. The band will be releasing an album titled Hollywood Park which will be the soundtrack to the memoir. I cannot wait to hear it.