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The book title is already calling out to me, and the overall graphic – a skull, hidden under a bonnet which has a (haunted) house in it, is attached to a supposedly body that looks like tree roots – has instantly drawn me into the harrowing journey of Evelyn (Evie) Archer.

Edgar Allan Poe’s quote convinces me that this is a must read for horror and eerie fans like me.

After divorcing, and longing for a fresh start, Mom decides to move Evie and Stan back to Hobbie House that has been in mom’s family for decades and is rumored to be a horror house haunted by Holly.

Shortly after they moved in, Evie starts to feel something unfathomable and uncanny that happens around the house. When she discovers Holly’s diary, some horrifying nightmares keep haunting her and she starts to doubt and lose herself slowly into a deep sinister darkness.

Can Evie find her way out through the murky ghostly shroud of Holly and the unpleasant past?

I was totally engrossed in this spine-chilling HOLLY HORROR that sent me on an unsettling hair-raising journey! I definitely recommend HOLLY HORROR to anyone who enjoys reading horror genre, and I am looking forward to reading Michelle Jabes Corpora’s Horror # 2!