Scary but thrilling

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Evie Archer moves to Ravenglass with her mother and brother after her parents get divorced. Evie hopes for a fresh start, but the house her family moves into is quite infamous throughout the entire town. Dubbed ‘Horror House’ the new home was the location of the mysterious disappearance of Evie’s relative many years ago. The mystery was never solved. Now Evie starts to experience some odd activity and witnesses strange experiences that have her believing she is the target of a dark entity.
There are some really great characters in this book that really help to bring a creepy story to life. Dr. Rockwell is an awesome and unexpected character I would love to see more of. I had a difficult time
Seeing or believing any chemistry between Evie and Desmond. It was difficult to know if this was a true connection or a result of a character being possessed. As much as I loved their storyline, it was very fast moving. I think that’s also a reason the cliffhanger ending was hard to come to terms with. Hopefully the next book wraps everything up nicely. Overall I liked the storyline and parallels to Alice in Wonderland. It’s definitely scary with some grotesque descriptions, but very thrilling and interesting. I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.