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*I received an Arc in exchange for an honest review* I admit I wasn’t familiar with the tale horror story? that Holly Horror is based on. That quickly didn’t matter to me though. I devoured this story! I read it in two days and it lived up to its name. Boy was it creepy. It resolves around a family mystery that has cast a shadow over a small Massachusetts town for 40 years. The disappearance of Holly Hobbie. Now her descendants have moved to the town she grew up in and more importantly to her house.

The very same house Holly disappeared from all those years ago. To say the house has not got the greatest report with the people of Ravenglass is an understatement. They have nicknamed it “Horror House” for Evie though she knows little about the house or Holly herself. All she knows is ever since her parents split. She and her brother Stan have been uprooted. Uprooted from her life in New York and her friends. She is willing to give this town a chance though.

Straight away Evie feels different here. It isn’t just the house is old and a girl disappeared there. The house has a certain energy to it and it sucks Evie in. She starts experiencing strange things hears and sees visions. She keeps this to herself though. Not even telling her new friend Tina that she is seeing things. She is after all new in town and wants to fit in. The one YA trope I am a little sick of is the new girl phenomenon. Where everyone in town becomes obsessed with her. Including the popular and wealthy Desmond. I ended up really liking him though.

I could have lived without the annoying ex-girlfriend Kimber. Hating her guts- that cliche I am sick of. This story was spooky, creepy and kept me turning the page. I cannot wait for the next book.