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Russ and Clare are back!!!!

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As a fan of this series, I was thrilled to see a new one out after six years. And as a side note, the author did explain why she had to take time off.

This book picks up where the last left off, with Russ and Clare and their having a baby. All the usual characters are there and a few new ones. Not a lot has changed....yet. I appreciate a book that remembers its past and all sides of the characters.

There are two historic deaths and/or murders and one current. This makes for quite the story. The chapters lay them out well and easy enough to follow by telling you the date and year. Slowly the mystery unravels and all does make sense by the end, which I love. But of course, we don't know all and that leaves room for the next book!

So, if you want a story of imperfect people, trying to do to their best, caring about the community and others, and some bad stuff thrown in, this a book for you. I appreciate it as having read them all but I think someone new could work their way in and enjoy it. Julia Spenser-Fleming does a great job of catching you up without wasting time or making fans bored. I can't wait for the next one!