Hid From MY Eyes

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I’ll start by saying I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t read the previous one about the similar murders that took place years ago in this same town. But I still understood everything going on. I will have to say the back and forth of the past case and the present at times tripped me up. I did like how it was organized into a chapter of the past and one of the present. That helped some. But it was just so many years in between that it was hard to comprehend. It would’ve made more sense to have them not as far apart. But knowing the characters involved, I can see why it was written this way.

My main complaints are that it was so slow moving. While I enjoyed Clare’s character, it was almost like we got too much of her and the baby. She got on my nerves at times. My other complaint is how there was a cliffhanger after all that slow moving of the story. This upset me. Everything could’ve been wrapped up in this one book.