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Engaging From the Word Go

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In a world where murder mystery novels seem to be carbon copied ad infinitum, this book is a rare breath of fresh air. From the very first paragraph I was engaged and enchanted. Without beating you over the head with minute detail, the author manages to paint a full picture of a time and location not our own. I don't know how but she manages to give the scenes a "vibe" of their time. The scene set in the 50's FEELS like the 50's, conjuring images of Capote's "In Cold Blood". The scene set in the 70's feels like the 70's. The multiple perspectives and periods don't feel like cheap, half-researched gimmicks, they feel sincere and they connect in a way that makes this so much more than a murder focused whodunit. This is an epic crime saga about a small town haunted by two seemingly unsolvable murders. The scale alone is enough to make it memorable, but the language the author uses is a perk unto itself. She manages to create separate tones for each section, separate energies. Absolutely captivating.