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Her Good Side is the joyous and sweet story of Bethany and Jacob. Branded as an emotional crier during her freshman year of high school, Bethany has struggled to find a date to a dance…much less a boyfriend. Jacob just got dumped again. He agrees to go to the dance platonically with Bethany, where they strike a deal- fake dating to practice while they wait for the real thing. An adorable and romantic comedy begins…

I LOVED Her Good Side!! Bethany is hilarious and I related to her feelings of being known as emotional/quick to cry for all sorts of reasons. Jacob and Bethany have incredible chemistry and I loved whenever they were on the page together. Both Bethany and Jacob have loving and flawed families that are trying to do their best, which always shines through. The dialogue was witty and filled with banter. I appreciate how Jacob was trying to learn how to both be his authentic self and also be in a relationship. I absolutely melted over some of the sweet moments Jacob and Bethany have together!

If you love excellent YA contemporary romance, you need to read this book!! Her Good Side includes fake dating, friend groups that feel like family, two sweet cinnamon rolls, queer rep, and a hero that is utterly captivated by his heroine. Readers who enjoy Talia Hibbert (Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute), Emma Lord (Begin Again), and Sophie Gonzales (Never Ever Getting Back Together) need to check this out!

Her Good Side releases May 30, 2023.Thank you to Rebekah Weatherspoon, Bookish First, and Penguin Teen for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.