Loved this one!

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I thought this sounded like a really cute fake dating YA romance, and I was right! I adored Bethany. While I’m not a crier like her, or good about just saying what I think like she does with most people, I totally understood her feelings about when she got rejected, as well as her crush and not being able to talk to the guy she found really attractive. Her friends were all really good friends, honestly for the most part, there weren’t any really mean or evil people in the story. Sure there were gossipy teens, and some that may have taken that and their teasing of her or Jacob kind of far, but really the characters seemed real to me. Even her moms, in the end, were really just supportive, and wanted what was best for her.

The whole film side of Jacob was really neat to have as his side of the story. I loved the way he did the documentary type of film to help convince her parents about her cooking. I also enjoyed how she wasn’t necessarily considered a perfect cook, and that she knew she might need to take more classes to get better. And I like the way the ending came about, it was perfect! Really this was just a perfect story for me, and I can’t wait to share it with my students next year!