Great YA romance

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This was just such a sweet YA with such interesting characters. I really liked the twist on fake dating... so often one character is super popular and has dating and relationships all together...and the other is clueless and inexperienced. In this book both were clueless and were just late bloomers when it came to relationships. This is so relatable to so many teens (I myself could remember what it was like to be older and never had a relationship). It worked so well for a YA and I loved the amount of diversity (race, LGBTQ rep) in this book. I would love a book about her parents or some of her friends ha! There were some other YA topics here and there but romance was the main plot and point of the book. So often some YA romances are less romance, more coming of age and this really focused on the cute relationship parts while still developing characters and pushing them forward.

I hope she writes another YA because Rebekah nailed this one.