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Thank you to the publisher and bookish first for an arc of this book.

I waited too long to review this so the details aren't super fresh in my mind. I liked it a lot but it didn't really stand out in any major way. I really like that one of the main characters was Demi and enjoyed that part of the romance. And of course the fake dating and the really really incredibly sweet guy love interest / main character was super fun to read.

Honestly I'm kind of disappointed that there wasn't more talk about basketball on this book. I really like sports romances because they also focus on the sport. And while this was talking about the sport in that the female MC was trying to get off of the sports team and dealing with that and her moms... That part was interesting but a really felt like it took a back burner to some of the other things. It's not that that's a bad thing it's just not really what I was expecting and I do think I would have liked it better had it focused a little more on maybe some of the games are practices.

The best parts to me were the exploration of the female MC dealing with fat phobia and her love of cooking, particularly sandwiches. I think the book did a good job explaining that without making it overly preachy. And I was happy with the way that aspect of the storyline turned out.

They also had some really cool friend groups and I wish that those characters had been developed more. But I did enjoy the interactions with friends and the group parts of the book a lot.

Definitely a fun read and one that I would recommend.

CW: body-shaming/fatphobia