Adorable YA Romance

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HER GOOD SIDE is such an adorable book that I devoured in only a few days. That's saying something, since I'm usually a slow reader. Bethany is such a relatable character. She's a teenager struggling with making her parents proud while also staying true to herself. She's never been in a relationship, and when she decides she's finally ready, both of the boys she asks to the dance reject her. That's where Jacob comes in--her friend's current BF, who has also been rejected by girls because he's "too nice." The pair decide to "fake date" for practice, and of course we know they're going to fall in love. It's such an adorable story with some really deep lessons to learn. I found myself empathizing with Bethany and Jacob during different moments, remembering what it was like being a teenager with all sorts of pressure to deal with. I would recommend this for anyone's personal or classroom library!