It Was... Eh?

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I was really excited to hop into this book just from reading the description, but the actual First Look left much to be desired.

I really enjoy the idea of Bethany and Jacob, two teens who are more on the shyer side, getting into a relationship--even if its fake--and realizing there's something more there.

The characters themselves were also more interesting than I expected them to be. Jacob's surprise at being such a popular, wanted guy after his growth spurt made him seem like an interesting character to get into the mind of, while Bethany's history of being repulsed by men and relationships is something I haven't seen in a character before.

But reading this book had me confronting a different experience than what I was expecting. I was bored reading through the beginnings of this story. It reminded me a little too much of Never Vacation With Your Ex, which was just featured here on BookishFirst. And while that's no fault of the author's, having such similar First Looks back to back like this had me confused as to which book was which even as I read this First Look!

I think the idea of this book is interesting, and I'd still love to read it and see if this book just had a rocky start, but the First Look alone wasn't the experience I was hoping to get.