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I liked the idea, this main character investigating a mystery and being a badass maybe. But I honestly didn’t get quite that, and Chase. My lord, I hated him for some reason. This story just wasn’t interesting or engaging in the slightest. The writing was bland, The beginning was fine but then it got worse.

And then I expected myself to like the mystery aspect of it, but I just didn’t. I was honestly just bored with this story, and didn’t feel like reading it.

In addition the romance wasn’t all that great either, the main couple didn’t have any chemistry or anything that I saw that would have made them work. I couldn’t connect with either of the characters, or find it in me to care about them.

There was no real character arc for Chase, I couldn’t stand the plot. And the main character while a bit more compelling wasn’t likeable either. The writing isn’t totally bad but everything else was bad.