Everyone loves a mystery

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Everyone has secrets. After accosting an intruder Minerva learns she is to be an heiress...to inherit from someone she's never met. Chase (her intruder) doesn't seem very alarmed that he has been bashed over the head, just delivers his message and departs. He also drops a bit of a bomb as he's leaving, one that Minerva thought no one else knew.
Chase's uncle is the Lord leaving Minerva and three others a sizable fortune. So how does he know these women. Or what does he know about them that would make him want to voluntarily leave them money? Chase is on a mission to find out, and also to find out if his uncle's death was actually the accident that it's being made out to be. These characters seem to have lively personalities and I can't wait to see what other mischief they get into together.

The cover is bright and colorful and catches the eye. A good choice for the first of a trilogy.