Not dead zombies

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I like zombie stories, and this one is a doozie. The zombies are only mostly dead. There is this virus that was found in the arctic as the climate warmed. It had been frozen in a glacier that melted. The virus, in the way of viruses, just wanted to spread. The humans it infected lacked control and overwhelmed new victims, causing life-threatening damage. The surviving scientists who could study the virus found ways to control it and restore the victims more to themselves.
We are concerned with two girls, one infected and one not. Of course, the infected girl, Mara, did bad things to people, including her parents, that made the uninfected girl, Rory, concerned about the safely of others. The virus wasn't all bad. It didn't kill but instead slowed down the life processes of the infected. It also made them faster and stronger, with enhanced senses. Mara was just getting used to doing her own thinking for change when she is "returned" to the people closest to her family. She and Rory had just started to explore their feelings when the world went crazy.
Mara is part of a project. There are many "recovering" infected, called the "Altered". Each has been sent to a community where they have relatives or friends from before. Some communities put the altered to work, guarding the outskirts from the infected or scrounging supplies from the cities, because the infected won't attack the altered. Some communities lock the altered up and blame them for everything that went wrong after the virus showed up.
I liked the story. On fact, I finished the book in two day. Like I said, I like my zombie stories. There's a nice, young love story in there too. I think you'll like it too.
I want to thank the publishers who gave me this book through their website. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.